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You are building the systems of tomorrow.

Why develop them with the simulation technology of yesterday?


Democratize simulation

Modern systems are a testimony to the power of collaboration: a collection of disparate devices becomes, through the magic of communication, a system which capability far exceeds the sum of its parts.

And yet, computer-aided verification and validation continues to rely on locked-in, outrageously expensive simulation packages that all but promote effective collaboration.

What if, instead, we could have a simulation platform developed in the open, that leverages the experience of the space industry with complex cyberphysical systems?

And make it better

Over the past 20 years, our systems have been rapidly shifting from physical-first to digital-first. With more than 100 embedded devices in a single car, it is time to acknowledge the need for a simulation framework that can simulate with uncompromising performance and ease not only physical, but also and foremost digital assets.

At the same time, many of these system building blocks have become commoditized items that are re-used across many products. Asynchronics intends to let device manufacturers and independent model developers exploit this new opportunity by providing not only a simulation framework, but also an online marketplace where simulation models for off-the-shelf products can be easily distributed, bringing together all stakeholders around a common, open ecosystem.



Friendly to developers

Developing high-fidelity models is difficult. Making them computationally efficient even more so.

Asynchronix, our simulator, takes a novel approach to simulation which automatically manages the parallel execution of simulation models in a manner that is fully abstracted from model developers. If anything, the actor model—the paradigm that underpins this computational framework—actually makes it easier to reason about causal interactions between models.

By capitalizing on Rust, a modern programming language beloved by developers for its focus on correctness and efficiency, developers are afforded with the same performance as C, C++ or Ada, but with a convenience that surpasses even many high-level languages. With built-in support for algebraic types and asynchronous programming, modeling the state machine of digital devices has never been easier.

Familiar to engineers

Having its roots in the space industry, Asynchronics is acutely aware that system simulation is a multidisciplinary activity tightly integrated into the product development cycle.

Even though the simulator is indeed very different under the hood, system engineers will feel immediately at home with the exposed high-level concepts: a model ultimately remains an independent entity with its own internal state, communicating with other models solely via a predefined set of inputs and outputs.

Attitude Control System Spacecraft dynamics model Reaction wheel #3 optosensor Reaction wheel #3 actuator torque command orientation angular rate tacho pulse generated torque

Unmatched performance

Unlike in other simulation frameworks, with Asynchronix all models always run in parallel and fully exploit available computer resources. What is more, concurrent model execution is totally transparent to both simulation users and model implementers.

Adding to this picture the inherent efficiency of Rust and a carefully optimized asynchronous executor, there is probably no faster way to simulate your systems today.

Try it

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About Asynchronics

Asynchronics was founded by Serge Barral, a PhD with an early career as space propulsion scientist that saw him author several patents and innovations in the field of plasma propulsion and air-breathing spacecrafts.

And while being a rocket scientist certainly was fun, Serge soon turned to the aerospace industry where he took a number of roles from software development lead to head of R&D, and returned to what he enjoys most: solve concrete problems with creative multidisciplinary engineering and a healthy dose of software.

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